And Then…Everything Changed: Easter Sunday-Pentecost Sunday

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Sunday, April 1: Easter Sunday. Services at 6:30 a.m. at The Manning’s Home, and normal 10:00 a.m. service located in the sanctuary.

Scriptures: Mark 16:1-8, Sermon: “We Enter the Greatest Story”

Sermon Summary: In Mark there are officially 2 endings, short and long. But there are actually three endings since both the short and long were added later. We will explore the original ending in which the women leave the tomb, saying nothing because they were afraid. In Mark, we MUST enter the story for it to be continued. Each time one of us enters the story, everything changes!

Sunday, April 8: 2nd Sunday of Easter

Scriptures: Acts 4:32-37, Sermon: “We Share With One and All: We Trust”

Sermon Summary: One for one and one for all! They didn’t just give 10%. These early Christians shared everything that they had and trusted that their own needs would be cared for. Today we are inclined to call that socialism and, as capitalists, that doesn’t fly with us. Yet for these early believers, trust in God also meant trust in the community rather than trust in self. I’m not suggesting that we start a commune, but perhaps we should consider how much we really do trust God and one another. And if we did place our trust in God and each other, what would change?

Sunday, April 15: 3rd Sunday of Easter

Scriptures: Acts 3:1-19, Sermon: “We Give What We Have: We Love”

Summary: The crippled beggar has been at the gate every day for years. He begs and others give him money to make him go away…or they just look the other way and ignore him. He hopes for nothing more from Peter and John than another handout along with their distain. Instead, they see him, really see him as another human being, a child of God. And they love him…they reach out and touch him…love him into wholeness. As for those who chose a murderer while sacrificing Jesus, even they are loved. So who do we really see and who are we willing to love into wholeness? Can we really be that accepting?

Sunday, April 22: 4th Sunday of Easter

Scriptures: Acts 4:1-22, Sermon: “We Must Give Credit: We Are Bold”

Sermon Summary: When everything changes, so does our motivation. What good we do, we no longer do because of ourselves but because of what Christ has done for us. We are no longer our own. We want nothing more than to serve Christ…seeking no credit for ourselves, rather done out of love for others as we have been loved. We are empowered and nothing can stop us!

Sunday, April 29: 5th Sunday of Easter

Scriptures: Acts 8:26-40, Sermon: “We Strive to Understand: We Discern”

Sermon Summary: We seek to understand scripture and too often choose an easy road of “it says what it says,” never realizing that we are only seeing the interpretation that we’ve been taught. Sometimes God sends us guides to help us or to stretch us. When everything changes, we become open to the many interpretive possibilities and discerning what God is speaking to us in our own time and place…maybe even something new and different that will open new doors to the Kingdom.

Sunday, May 6: 6th Sunday of Easter

Scriptures: Acts 10:34-48, Sermon: “We Proclaim Good News for All: We Are Disciplined”

Sermon Summary: We pray. We worship. We participate in the sacraments. We spend time with our Lord who gives us the Good New to proclaim to all. Out of a disciplined life we joyously celebrate each new believer regardless of where they come from…those like us and those that are very different, embracing all as God’s children.

Sunday, May 13: Ascension Sunday

Scriptures: Acts 1:1-11, Sermon: “We Look to the ONE: We Obey”

Sermon Summary: Obedience is perhaps the most difficult transition for us…to give up our own will and plans to follow as the Holy Spirit directs us. We are an impatient people. We are ever connected to our phones, tablets and computers that are ever faster. We want what we want and we want it now…as much and as fast as possible. When everything changes, sometimes was are called to wait rather than rush in where angels fear to tread. Sometimes we are called to stop and listen rather than rushing to do just to be doing something. Let us stand in the quiet and listen for God’s voice.

Sunday, May 20: Pentecost Sunday

Scriptures: Acts 2:1-21, Sermon: “We Are Timeless…And Yet: We Change”

Sermon Summary: The Israelites are God’s people. It has been so since the time of Abraham and Sarah. So who are these Gentiles? What does it mean? Somethings are timeless like worship and the love of God for creation (even us). Yet when everything changes, we make new spaces for new faces…such as those confirmed this day. Who is a part of our community and not here among us? What new space is God calling for the people of FUMC Mabank to create for new faces? We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!