Instructions on how you can Livestream with FUMC Mabank

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The following message contains important details regarding our Livestreaming Worship services. Online Sunday Worship will begin at our normal time at 10:00 a.m. and we hope that everyone will be able to view and join in.

Our A/V team has been working very hard to make our services available online and easily accessible to those who wish to worship with us in the comfort of their own home. To make this process as smooth as possible, we have included some simple instructions on how you can access our online services via YouTube.

1.) At the time of the scheduled livestreaming event, simply click the following link to access our YouTube channel. Link:

*Please remember that if you access the channel before the time presented, continue to refresh your browser or device until the livestreaming event appears.

2.) Once your computer browser has loaded our channel, you will notice a thumbnail picture of the current livestreaming event at the top of the page. Note: It will say LIVE NOW in red text. Simply select the video and watch. Below, is included a snippet of what you will expect to see once you’ve accessed our channel.

3.) Lastly, please report any difficulties that you encounter as you access, watch, and listen. These concerns can be emailed to Kelly via and please subscribe to our channel as you will automatically get updates as to when an event is livestreaming.

Remember, as weeks progress, individual links to our worship services will be included on this page, posted on our Facebook Page: FUMC of Mabank, TX, as well as uploaded to our YouTube channel for future viewing.

Note: If you happen to miss one of our livestreaming worship events, you may view it on our YouTube channel or via our Sermon Library here on our website.

Keep in mind that after a streamed event is concluded, it may take up to 45 minutes for the uploaded video to appear. Simply continue to refresh your browser or device until it appears. Thanks for understanding.