IMPORTANT: Please carefully review the following Covid-19 protocols that pertain directly to our gatherings. Additional church protocols can be found here:

Youth Wednesday Night Activities- COVID-19

  • Everyone will enter and exit the church through the Fellowship Hall. The youth will meet in the Fellowship Hall, the hallway will be open ONLY for bathrooms. The rest of the church will be OFF LIMITS.
  • Prior to Wednesday night gatherings, the room will be sanitized, and all surface will be wiped down.
  • Available inside the Fellowship Hall will be, hand sanitizer, paper towels and Kleenex.
  • Masks are required to enter the church; masks are also required while in the building. Youth and leaders will follow social distancing guidelines as well (6FT apart). Masks will be available at the door for anyone who forgets theirs.
  • If a leader or youth are showing symptoms of COVID-19, not feeling well, or has been around someone who has recently LAB tested positive, we ask that they do not come. We also ask that if a youth has been sent home from school for health reasons, they also do not come.
  • No food (dinner) will be served for the time being. Canned drinks and battled water will be provided.
  • Youth and leaders will also be asked to discard their own trash and check the area around them for any personal belongings or beverages.
  • After Wednesday Night gatherings, the room will once again be sanitized using the same protocols that follow Sunday service.
  • If a youth or leader comes down with COVID-19, the church asks to be notified immediately.
  • If the church or a school district in the area shuts down due to COVID-19, we will follow suit.

For more information regarding our youth ministry, please contact the church office at 903-887-3691 or by emailing Olivia Pannell, Director of Youth Ministries with questions at