Our Hallelujah UMC Story


Jenifer Green

When we decided to move from North Carolina to Texas for Jordan to attend graduate school, we were both filled with excitement and fear. We got married June 18, 2010 and moved to the Dallas area in August. It was a lot of changes all at once and we were certain of very little.

One thing we were certain of was that finding a new church was going to be extremely difficult. When the search began we found ourselves comparing the church we were visiting to our church in North Carolina. A couple of weeks went by and we had not found a church that felt “right” to us. We either felt unwelcomed or overwhelmed by the large size of most area churches.

On our third week in Texas, we visited [churchname]. Our first visit was a very welcoming experience as numerous people approached us with open arms and smiling faces. The second time we visited we were taken out to lunch by another couple. It was after that fellowship that we knew this was the church that God wanted us to be a part of.

We have only been going to Lake Cities for a few months and not only is this church feeding us spiritually, but it has provided something we were certain God would deliver—Christian companionship.

-- Jenifer Green